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The weather in Kenya and Tanzania varies by location due to the land mass and diverse geography.  The East Africa region generally enjoys favorable temperate climate around the year. Coastal regions including Mombasa and Zanzibar enjoy tropical weather marked by higher temperatures and humidity. The average temperatures range from 70 to 90ºF. Most of game parks are located in semi-arid bush-land. Here the rainfall is spread evenly through the 12 months and temperatures averaging between 86 and 104ºF. 

The year round weather is as follows:
December - March is usually the warmer period in Kenya and Tanzania with February and March being the warmest. Mornings and nights are generally cooler and low humidity. Temperatures average from 57 to 86ºF.
March generally marks the beginning of the long rains running through to May. This is the time of the year when the savannah is rehydrated and grasses replenished.  The rain mostly falls in the late afternoons and evenings. Expect to see temperatures between 55 and 58ºF.
June - September is what passes for winter in this part of the world with July and August being the coldest month. The thermometer can drop as low as 40ºF and raise to a high of 80ºF. During this time of year it’s wise to have warm clothing as the nights can get pretty nippy.
October and November is “spring” time in Kenya and Tanzania when visitors get to enjoy weather similar to spring in the US.  Jacaranda and other trees are in full bloom and the birds are chirping. It’s lovely time of year.  The short rains also come around this time. The temperatures range between 55 and 75ºF.