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Choosing a Safari


You can choose from our wide selection of: Kenya Safaris,  Tanzania Safaris or  Zanzibar Beach Vacations 

They are available in 3 levels of luxury: Platinum Class,  Gold Class or  Silver Class  

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing your safari.
Consider your specific Taste and Interest
If game viewing is your priority, your park and accommodation choices should be focused on seasonal wildlife changes. However, if your interest is professional photography, you may want to select an area that offers the most accessibility to wildlife without crowds. Choosing a safari can be difficult. Consult with and let one of our seasoned agents help you create a safari that suits your needs.
  • What wildlife do you want to see? 
  • What interests you more? Big cats, the Big Five or birds?
  • Is wildlife your main focus, or are you also looking to mix things up with tribal visits, nature walks, visits to Heritage sites?
  • What type of landscape interests you?
  • Are you looking for a beach getaway or want something more active like mountain climbing? Does a combination of these appeal to you?
When Do You Plan to Travel?
The time of year to go on safari is extremely important. First timers should consider optimal times of the year for game viewing or the annual Wildebeest Migration. However if this is not your first visit consider traveling when parks and properties are not crowded or even during the Short Rains season to see a different side of eastern Africa. Click here for our When To Go section to start planning your dream African Safari.
Who is travelling?
The age range and composition of your party should be taken into account. Some safari camps do not allow children under age 8. A family has different requirements than a honeymoon couple. While some safaris are children-friendly, keep in mind that a certain amount of quiet, concentration, patience, and immobility is required. If you are traveling on business, this may affect our suggestion for your safari.
Your budget
This is one of the most important questions to consider when selecting a trip. Factors determining cost of safari are as follows:-
  • Level of luxury i.e. Silver, Gold or Platinum – Per person cost could vary from $350 - $1000 per person per night.
  • Length of trip: The per-day-per-person-budget is a good rule of thumb for determining how long you can travel.
  • Choice of camps, lodges and hotels – Tented camps are often more expensive than lodges as they often offer a more exclusive experience.
  • Additional activities/meals: Extras such as hot air balloon rides, bush meals, nature walks etc. are generally not included in your safari itinerary.
  • Travel season: Peak safari seasons include the annual wildebeest migration. You can however stillhave wonderful safari experiences at a considerably lower price when traveling in low or shoulder seasons. The bonus is that you will find the areas less crowded and have less difficulty confirming space.
  • Mode of transport: By Air or By Road: Travel by air between the parks is often more expensive, but saves you the hassle of long hours of driving. Nevertheless, overland travel affords you the opportunity to see some of the countryside and local villages between destinations.
  • By minivan or 4x4 Land cruisers; Standard travel is by minivan, travel by 4x4 will be an additional significant cost.

If you still have questions please contact us and a highly competent safari master will be delighted to assist you. Inc.

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