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Getting Ready To Go!

After careful planning and research, you have finally booked your dream African Safari. You can feel the excitement building already........  But wait a minute?

"What to do I need to pack, what kind of food should I expect, how much money should I carry?" So many questions go through your mind as you anticipate your exciting African Safari.

This section aims to provide you with instant knowledge of your safari destination, orientating you in such a way as to allow you to make the most of your African Safari. Everything you need to know is detailed here, from passport, visa and health requirements to banking hours and credit cards, medical services and information about meals on safari, communications and drinking water.

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Passports and Visa Information

Packing 101

Safari Check list

Health and Medical Info

The climate in East Africa


If you still have questions please contact us and a highly competent safari master will be delighted to assist you. Inc.

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