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Lake Victoria - TZ

Lake Victoria, the largest of the Kenya Lakes epitomizes the sheer magnificence of nature.It is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, shimmering waters and natural beauty that are guaranteed to captivate and enthrall all lovers of nature and wildlife.

It is also the source of the legendary Nile River, the world's longest. The Nile starts its journey from the lake city of Jinja in Uganda and traverses 6,671km (4,145 miles) until it drains into the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.

The largest lake in Africa, it also bears the distinction of being the second largest freshwater body in the world.

The lake is located in Western Kenya which hardly features on the tourist circuit.
It lake therefore offers the visitor an opportunity to savor its world of attractions in an off-the-beaten-track, quiet environment. Although there are a range of activities to keep visitors busy, these understandably revolve around the lake.

Lake Victoria Cichlids
The lake is home to an estimated 200 cichlid species many of which are endemic to the lake.
While on a visit to this Kenya lake, you have plenty of opportunities to catch your very own cichlids and transport them home to your aquarium. Although extremely delicate, the lake's cichlid species are much loved for their spectacular, bright colors.

Lake Victoria is swarming with fish. While tilapia is a local favorite, most of the overseas tourists are attracted by the lake's sizeable Nile Perch population...
The Nile Perch is considered a world class game fish because of its sheer size as it can grow to 1.8m (6ft) and weigh up to 140kg (300 lbs). The Perch, which is the largest freshwater fish, is also a ferocious fighter. And, you can go on fishing expeditions either in a speedboat or a motorized traditional canoe.

Because the lake region is teeming with lots of avifauna, it is a birdwatcher's paradise...