Mara Triangle

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Mara Triangle

The Maasai Mara Reserve marks the northern terminus of the migration, but the wildebeest are not the only visitors. Wildebeest and zebras and antelopes arrive from much closer rangelands, all drawn to the Mara Triangle's rich grasslands and abundant water. Rhinos, white and black are found in drier, bushier areas of the park. Hippos and crocodiles wade and lurk in the reserves' trio of rivers - the Mara, the Talek, and the Sand.

The Mara River begins as a trickle in the Mau Forest a few hundred miles to the north and eventually drains into Lake Victoria. In the Mara Reserve, as the river flows under the Oloololo Escarpment, it feeds the Olpunyata Swamp and the neighboring grasslands. This region, southwest of the river, bounded by the escarpment to the west and the Tanzanian border to the south, is the "Mara Triangle" and offers, perhaps, the best opportunities for game viewing in all of East Africa. It is in this triangle that the wildebeest usually congregate at the end of their march.

As the river continues through the reserve, it is joined first by the Talek in the center of the reserve, and then by the Sand, just across the border in Tanzania. As the herds move through the reserve and back and forth between the Mara and the Serengeti, they will cross and re-cross these rivers dozens of times.
When to Visit
Wildlife is abundant throughout the year in the Mara. The migratory herds begin to arrive in August. They will remain in the region through October. By November they will have begun the long trek back to the volcanic grasslands in the south.