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Charles Rukwaro

Name: Charles Rukwaro

Years of Experience :15 years
Languages spoken:English and Spanish

East Africa has some of the best physical features on the planet. From mountains to beaches to deserts and the endless savannah grassland we truly have some of the most amazing sceneries in the world.  Every day I go to work it’s truly a magical experience. I get to spend it sharing with clients the very best Kenya has to offer. 

I have been a guide for 15 years and it still feels fresh.  Doing this work is  my passion and my calling. This is in large measure to my love of creation and the natural world.

Over the years, I have gained a deep and profound understanding of the majority of mammals in the East African Countries especially the carnivores, primates, herbivores. I also take a keen interest in the flora of East Africa and have a soft spot for the birds of the region.

Sharing this knowledge and insights with clients first hand is truly a wonderful experience. The joy and satisfaction it brings them is very gratifying.  Professional photographers particularly enjoy traveling with me due to my love of photography, knowledge of excellent locations to get amazing shots and the best time of day to get the best light. 

I look forward to seeing you seeing soon in my neck of the woods. 


Client Comments on Charles

“We had a wonderful time due to our excellent guide Charles. He was an excellent guide and very knowledgeable. We felt very safe in his hands”

“Charles was a superb guide. He is a highly skilled person with near perfect knowledge of Kenya and its culture. He did an outstanding job. We consider ourselves very lucky to have had him as our guide.”

 â€œCharles is rated 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. He was courteous, always on time, answered our questions fully and provided us with an absolutely unforgettable experience. We have traveled extensively and agree this was the best trip we have ever taken. We couldn't have had a better guide. There were spots we thought were impassable, but Charles always came through making it all look easy.”

Atanus Kioko

Name: Atanus Kioko

Years of Experience : 11 Years
Languages spoken: English and French

I caught the safari bug at a very age in my life and have always known this is what I wanted to do when I grow up. Even today after 12 years, I’m still awed by the grandeur and beauty of Mother Nature. This is part due to growing up around people who love and care deeply about wildlife.  Professionally my work has been very rewarding. It has allowed me to meet and make friends from almost every continent in the world. It has also afforded me a good life allowing me to provide for my wonderful family. I love nature, the way it orchestrates creations, constantly keeping everything in balance.

I love what I do and trust one day I have the honor of guiding you on a safari!!

Comments from Kioko's Clients 

“Our guide Kioko was very knowledgeable about everything from the culture to animals. He was always polite and forgiving even when we were late. His driving skills are amazing. He should be a Nascar guide. We felt very safe. He was always on time - we were never on time. Kioko was a great help with everything. He made sure we saw lots of animals and made our experience was amazing.”

 â€œOur guide, Kioko was very knowledgeable, courteous and always cheerful. He speaks English exceptionally well and really knows the Maasai Mara. We would request him again next time we come on Safari.” 

“Kioko is an excellent guide in every way. We loved him!”

Meet Our Master Guides

At the core of operations is a cadre of highly motivated Master Guides, dedicated to their craft. Ours are among the best trained, most experienced safari guides working in East Africa today.

John Njenga Kimunio

Name: John Njenga Kimunio

Years of Experience : 19 Years
Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Having been a guide for almost 20 years, my life has now been fully integrated with the bush and its natural environment.  Even after these many years I get a lot of joy watching the many different species we have here interact with each other and try to live in harmony. They can sure teach us humans a thing to two about getting along. I’m particularly fascinated by primates. How they live together and respect each member of their group.

The one thing I can never get over is observing up close a stalking large cat.  The way they freeze with a front paw held still in mid stride when the prey raises its head. That cunning and patience intrigues me no end.   I also love the huge diversity of birds we have here in East Africa and enormous array of brilliant colors. Personally I think birds make the best moms……………have you ever watched closely how they gather food and feed their chicks?  That is love I tell you...........deep love!!

Client comments about John

“Our guide John was the best. His extensive knowledge of flora and fauna was amazing. He has a great sense of humor; he is warm, patient and professional. John not only knows the roads in and out of reserves, hit handling the vehicle was incredible. We were always advised on the schedule and our guide was consistently on time. His humor and extensive knowledge of the roads, driving expertise an incredible wealth of knowledge about wildlife and the country of Kenya made this trip A+++. “

“John is a really good guide. He generously shares information and goes out of his way to show saw everything there is to see and then some……. ”

  â€œJohn was the one person who made our trip truly exceptional. He was the best guide possible. He knew his stuff and handled the roads with ease and comfort. He was always courteous and willing to share information relating to animals, culture, cities, villages plus a great sense of humor.”

Robert Muli

Name: Robert Muli

Years of Experience :8 Years
Languages spoken:English and Spanish

I still can’t believe I get paid to this. Sometimes I think I would do this for no pay. It’s so much fun. There is rarely a dull moment. I get to spend time with some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. It seems like only a special nature-loving people like to come on safari. And these are the people I get to hang with. My name is Robert Muli. I have been a guide for the last 8 years although it feels a lot less. Time flies so quickly when you’re having fun!!  

I seem to have this unquenchable passion for nature in every aspect and fact. From the magical sunrise and charm it brings to nature at the first light of the day, I’m rearing to going!! Come let us take a game drive and seek out some cats!!


Client comments on Robert

 â€œOur guide Robert was incredibly knowledgeable, especially about birds and trees. He went out of his way for us and was extremely courteous. His driving skills were great! He was terrific, certainly an asset to your company. “

 â€œOur guide Robert was very good. He educated us on the animals, vegetation and various cultures. He was courteous and always punctual. Robert was patient with us the entire time and took good care of us.”

“Well, fantastic it was. It provided some of the most exciting, fascinating, unique experiences of our lives. Here were hundreds of elephants, a beautiful cheetah going for the kill, the dramatic red clad Maasai tribes, the Samburu tribes, a magnificent leopard luxuriating in the crotch of a tree, exquisite fauna, flora and bird life, rhinos, hippos, etc. etc.”

 â€œAll of the above made possible through the knowledge and expertise of our wonderful guide, Robert Muli.”

 â€œOur guide, Robert Muli, is the most amazing man and the best outdoorsman I have ever known.  He literally has the eyesight of an eagle, and so much knowledge of animal behavior that we were always the first to see the spectacularly abundant animal life.  We noticed that the other guides seemed to follow his lead.  Needless to say we saw all of the big five.  Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant,

Crocs, and Hippos.  We cannot thank you enough for the expertise and intelligence you demonstrated in planning this trip.”

 â€œWe had a wonderful time due to our excellent guide Robert. He was a good guide and very knowledgeable. We felt very safe in his hands”

Christopher Muhoro Munyi

Name: Christopher Muhoro Munyi

Years of Experience : 6 Years
Languages spoken: English and French

Over the years I have developed a keen interest in birds of different species as well as large cats. Nothing beats watch cats stalking.  You can learn a lot from the different sounds different bird make. Over time you get to distinguish the sounds from noise. For example being able to tell when they are alerting an animal of eminent danger.  By following this chorus closely you’ll soon learn who is the hunter and the hunted.

I love primates, especially Vervet and olive baboon.  They will warn you of an impending an ambush about to happen. Leopard are particularly secretive and don’t always appreciate their cover being blown.

I take a keen interest in antelope. If fun watching them graze and interact together. Observe how they sense and quietly get out of harm’s way.  A lion is to die for. It’s not easy to see one especially to stalking and final chase. That is a singular event that stays with you.

I think of myself as adventurous. By that I mean going off the beaten path to see unique landscapes and meet unique people. I live in part of the world with so much diversity and contrast; with so many different communities and so many different cultures. s and traditions.  Sharing these with clients is distinct honor and joy. I particularly like clients who ask a lot of questions. They’re lots of fun and make my day ever so interesting.  I enjoy guiding family groups with children from all walks of life. 


Comments from Chris' clients

“Our guide Chris was outstanding; he was extremely friendly and polite. His driving skills are outstanding. He got us out of the mud, changed tires quickly and safe. He was always punctual and never kept us waiting. We can’t say enough nice things about him. He made our trip special and enjoyable. Our vehicle was comfortable and always very clean. We loved the open hatch. The two spare tires were very handy.”

“Chris was a first class guide with good humor to add to his professional approach. He always answered questions with good detail, he was courtesy and exhibited exceptional driving skills under all conditions”

“This was one of the best trips of my life. Our guide Chris, is a wonderful and skilled guide”

Ibrahim Mohammed

Name: Ibrahim Mohammed

Years of Experience :8 Years
Languages spoken: English, Spanish and Kiswahili

I love my country Kenya. I love its wonderful people. Above all I love its amazing wildlife. After 7 years on the job, I still wake up with the same excitement and enthusiasm that drew me in the in the early days.  My primary passion is sharing and showing off to client’s wonders of Kenya, its incredible geography and wondrous countryside.

On a game drive, the show stopper is coming upon a family of elephants cooling off in a watering hole on a hot sunny days. Imagine capturing that once in a life shot of a herd of elephants set against Mount Kilimanjaro. Just thinking about it takes my breath away.  

As you can tell, I have a thing for these gentle giants. So wise, so kind. Apart from Elephant I enjoy taking my clients in search of the other big five: Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, and Rhinoceros. 

Personally a safari isn't over until we spot a Lilac Breasted Roller.  This is the cutest little bird in all creation. I can’t wait to go seeking one out for you and yours. See you soon in these parts!!


Comments from Ibrahim’s Clients:

“Our guides Moses and Ibrahim was so nice and made our trip wonderful. They were both excellent tour guides. They were courteous and friendly. Their driving skills were excellent, their punctuality – impeccable. The vehicle was good and fun for off-roading.”

“Our guide Ibrahim was absolutely outstanding. On the game drives, he was often first in finding the hard to find big five and we saw them all several times. Like magic Ibrahim would seem to know where they were, drive around a bush and they were just there. He saw to our every need, we visited several schools and in Nakuru he went out of his way to find a mission that we knew about and wanted to see firsthand.”

“Our guide Ibrahim was great; he more than exceeded our expectations. We will request him on our next safari.”

Charles Muiruri

Name: Charles Muiruri

Years of Experience : 20 Years
Languages spoken:French, English and Kiswahili

I can say without batting an eyelid that guiding is what I was sent here to do. I absolutely love and enjoy my job very much. It is so much fun. Rumor has it a favorite aunt brought me a pair of binoculars when I was still an adolescent. Rumor or not she was onto something (bless her soul) 

Its been 20 years since I took clients on my first game drive. Its going to be many many more before I hang up my binoculars. In my time, I have witnessed much comings and goings. I have encountered in numerable episodes in the wild: Cheetahs hunting, Leopard hunting and Lions hunting.

A martial eagle killing a young gazelle. A python crushing an adult gazelle. Perhaps of the most memorable remain watching a stealth Leopard forcefully hurl a large Gazelle up a tree. Talk about sheer will power coupled with beauty and elegance ..... Leopard remain my high on my list of favorite animals in the jungle.

Besides Leopard, I have a tender spot for Kudu and Eland. Their majestically spiraled horns never fail to impress.  Given the enormous and vibrant bird life we have in East Africa, I had to become a consumate ornithologist.

Along the way a gathered volumes of knowledge about medicinal herbs and barks as well as the precious stones from these parts. If you are the curious type that enjoys good substantive conversation, look me up when your Nairobi. I venture we shall have us a great old time together on safari. As I like to tell my esteemed, "Your wish is my command, I'm at your service 24/7 during your stay with us"

Twende Safari!!


Comments from Charles’ Clients:

“Charles was a great guide he really could spot those animals. Considering the road conditions out there he did very well at avoiding the pot holes.”

  “Charles was the best guide. His professionalism, courteousness and attentiveness to our needs was superb.”

 â€œWe were extremely pleased with our guide Charles. He made the entire journey a pleasure. He provided great knowledge on many aspects of Kenya life and wildlife. His driving skills were good, cautious but timely. He was always first to arrive in the waiting area waiting for us to arrive. “

“Charles’ knowledge was very good. He knew the answer to all of our questions. He was always early waiting for us. Next time we come to Kenya we want to go with Charles again.”


Ibrahim Osman Halkano

Name: Ibrahim Osman Halkano

Years of Experience :10
Languages spoken:English, Spanish and Swahili

With almost 10 years of experience in the tourism industry I feel like I just getting warmed up. I'm constantly learning new things. I get a lot of satisfaction in explaining to my clients the habits of animals.  Especially the finer details of herbivores chewing the cud while being vigilante woefully unaware of lurking danger. I delight in taking many questions, in the process I also learn a lot of things from my clients. Although I'm an avid bird watcher, I'm a big game guy. Allow me to extend you a special welcome from one nature lover to another. Karibu!

Comments from Ibrahim’s Clients:

“ Ibrahim  was a great guide. He gave us lots of information and made sure we got to see everything we wanted to see. ”

“ Ibrahim  was a very friendly guide. We highly recommend him.”

“We particularly want to complement our wonderful guide Ibrahim . He was EXCELLENT. The safari was a huge success as a result of their knowledge, experience, and inter-personal skills.”



John Muchai Njiriri

Name: John Muchai Njiriri

Years of Experience :7 years
Languages spoken:English and French

John is a highly trained and decorated safari guide with a profound passion for wildlife and the rich African culture from which he was raised. He is multi-lingual. Fluent in both French and English. His membership to various professional bodies grants him free access to National Museums of Kenya. 

He enjoys taking this knowledge and insight to game viewing drives with clients. As a result John brings a unparalleled perspective and understanding to the perpetual between man and wildlife.   

Through sheer hard work and persistence John has proudly attained the second highest ranking awarded by the Kenya Professional Safari-Guides Association. For fun John enjoys painting portraits and is an avid farmer. 

A colorful, pleasant and diverse multi facetted personality, John is as talented a safari guide as they come. Having him as your safari guide is something truly special. A master guide in every sense of the word!!

Client Comments about John

“Our drive John Njiriri not only knew every animal, but also birds, plants, trees, mountains, tribes agriculture etc. He greeted us every morning, all day and every night with a smile, friendship and respect. We were amazed by his ability to transverse the safari landscapes and Kenya’s roads. John was on time every time, we were the ones who were running late even then he was very nice about it. 

We believe John made our trip so much more special. He is a special person and we will never forget him. We cannot say enough good things about him. The game viewing was excellent. We enjoyed the raised roof in our van which John kept very clean. “