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Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Situated between the foothills of the Aberdares and the magnificent snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya in central Kenya, the 90,000 acre private wilderness of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy boasts an astounding variety of wildlife, including all the members of the “Big Five” (the endangered black and white rhinos, leopards, elephants, buffalos and lions). It has some of the most breathtaking views as it is on the west of Nanyuki.
The area is semi-arid and is best for cattle ranching as it’s not very good for agricultural purposes. Before the area transformed into a conservancy, it was a famous and fruitful cattle ranch. There was a good water supply system and extensive fencing in the area. No wildlife was there as the area was protected just for cattle breeding.
Offering one of the highest wildlife densities in Kenya and a higher wildlife to acre ratio than any Kenyan national park, the conservancy offers sanctuary to a number of endangered species, most notably the rare Grevy's zebra and the Jackson's hartebeest. As the largest black rhino sanctuary in East Africa, the conservancy also hosts the only sanctuary for chimpanzees in Kenya.
As a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of wilderness and wildlife, the conservancy charges fees for entry, the proceeds of which go towards the support of both the conservancy and the human community that surrounds it. Typically, these fees will be included within the rates charged to those staying overnight in one of the conservancy's accommodations.
The Animals
The Conservancy successfully runs a cattle program that is well integrated with the wildlife present there. Among the other animals you can see are:
African Civet          Bush Pig        
Cheetah                 Black & White Rhino
Giraffe                   Giant Forest Hog
Aardvark               Grant’s Gazelle
Impala                   Antelope
Hippo                    Black Serval Cat
Patas Monkey       African Hunting Dog
Baboon                 Chandler’s Reed Buck
Elephant               Reticulated Giraffe
Lion                      Eland
Leopard                Waterbuck
Buffalo                  Side-striped jackal
Attractions and Activities
You will never run out of things to do on Ol Pejeta. From game viewing, visiting rescued chimpanzees, to night drives and spending time with Morani the tame black rhino, you are sure to find something exciting to do.
The extensive Ol Pejeta Conservancy offers a variety of accommodation options offering a range of activities. These range from special private camps, guesthouses, homestays, and luxury tented camps. The Conservancy has an in-house research center that offers subsidized accommodations and catering services to visiting researchers.
Sweetwaters Tented Camp, Ol Pejeta House, Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, Porini Rhino Camp and Kicheche Camp are some of the popular choices. Sweetwaters Tented Camp, managed by Serena Hotels was voted 35th Best Hotel in the World by readers of Travel & Leisure Magazine in 2007.
Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Home to over 42 chimpanzees, the sole objective of the sanctuary is to provide a safe, secure and permanent refuge for chimpanzees. The sanctuary is open from 9-10:30am and from 3:30 to 4:30pm.
Game Viewing and Guided Bush Walks
Whether on foot or by car, explore Ol Pejeta's vast savannah and view the “Big Five” and a host of other flora and fauna.
Night Game Drives
Thanks to Ol Pejeta Conservancy’s private status, it is able to offer the unique pleasure of night game drives.
Lion Tracking
Accompany their research teams to radio track the lion prides across the conservancy.
Bird Watching
With well over 500 recorded species of bird, Ol Pejeta is an ornithologist's paradise.
Game Viewing from Blinds
Long established hides and blinds are dotted around Ol Pejeta for the keen nature observers and photographers.
Camel Rides
Camel rides are available from Sweetwaters Tented Camp.
Community Visit
You have the opportunity to visit the surrounding communities and observe the tangible social benefits Ol Pejeta has created. Visitors can also get engaged at various levels to support community projects.
Visit the Cultural Manyatta
A unique insight into several of Kenya's pastoral communities, their history, and their rich and colorful culture and way of life.
Getting There
The conservancy is open from 7am to 7pm and is accessed via its main gate, which is 8.7 miles after the equator.
By Road: 3 hours from Nairobi. Turn into main gate right before Nanyuki town.