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Other Migrants

Burchelli's Zebra
Thousands of zebras migrate alongside the wildebeest and can be found in parks and reserves throughout East Africa. They congragate into groups of several females all attached to one male. Once a female has been chosen by a stallion she is then admitted to the group,and remains there for life. Colts that have not formed of their own groups join bachelor groups. Zebras young and old are preyed on by hyenas and lions, and leopards are know to hunt the occasional unprotected baby. When attacked, the group flees as a group leaving the stallion to place himself between the group and the predator, for protection.

Grant's Gazelles
Grant's Gazelles, like Thomson's Gazelles, often congregate with wildebeest, but dont actually migrate. Grants benefit from the grazing undertaken by the wildebeest and zebras. They are the most drought tolerant of the Gazelles and can stay on the driest grass plains long after the grazers have left. Lions, leopards, hyenas, cheetahs, and wild dogs all prey on Grant's Gazelles.
Grant's Gazelles are mostly browsers meaning they eat from shrubs, herbs, and young grasses, depending on what's available.