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The ToKenya


So, what makes ToKenya different?

We believe what truly sets us apart from the rest is our integral heart, our first-hand ties to Africa, and our pure passion for delivering a safari experience that is authentic, intimate, and ethical. We know that the clients who come to us, do so because they share our desire for experiencing truth and beauty in this world.

While others may wrap their safaris in ribbons and bows, our strength lies in bringing the personal touch to the bush. Our clients become a part of the family, they drive our story forward, and together – we can curate rare and responsible experiences that get right under the skin of Africa.

Our Brand Values

1. The needs and desires of our clients always comes first.

 Our experience has shown that if we serve our clients well, then our own success will follow. Of course, we want our business to bloom – but we do so by delivering on the promises we make.


2. The most important asset we have is our reputation.

There is an old saying in Africa that the rain cannot wash away a leopard’s spots. In other words, a tarnished reputation is hard to cleanse. We know our continued success relies on the sterling reputation we have worked so hard to earn and thus, we are dedicated to keeping our business principles fully legal and above all else – ethical.


3. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work.

We love our work, we are passionate about Africa, and we adore the reward of our clients achieving their travel goals. We understand that for many people a safari is a once in a lifetime adventure. We won’t be clumsy with your dreams.


4. Integrity is a word we live by

It’s a word that pierces our heart and a word we weave into every step we make. Even when recognizing that the old way may still be the best way, we always strive to find an integral solution to meet the highest needs of our customers.


5. We work as a tribe.

While individual creativity is nurtured in every part of ToKenya, we have found that a seamless team produces the best results. We ensure that everyone involved in our world puts the interests of the client ahead of everything else.


6. Every experience is delivered with pure dedication and intense effort.

From the second a client steps into our world, we strive to go above and beyond that of our competitors. We believe that every traveler deserves an intimate journey of Africa, to truly get the best from their safari. We handpick accommodations, guides, and experiences to meet that need.


7. We intuitively strive to meet our clients changing needs.

The world grows a little every day, this is part of its wonder and beauty. Just like the creatures in the wild, we understand that we need to evolve with the world around us, or risk being left behind. We use a thoughtful, creative approach to anticipate the desires of our clients and to offer services that reflect these shifts, motifs and patterns that move with our culture. 


8. We respect the privacy and autonomy of our clients.

We take our client relationships very seriously, at ToKenya we have built our business on the foundations of reputation and respect. To breach the confidentiality of a client is unthinkable, trust is paramount to our ethical approach.


9. We are fair competitors.

We know the safari business is a competitive place, but just like the big cats on the plains of Africa, we respect fairness in the free marketplace. We are firm believers in building our client base, but not at the degradation or hearsay of other companies.


10.  We are ethical every step of the way.

The word ethical comes up time and time again in our literature – because responsible travel is important to us. Africa is our homeland, and we are deeply involved in wanting to form lasting, loving and wholly positive relationships between those lands, the locals, and those who journey to experience this rare and splendid continent.

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