Treetops Hotel - 3 Stars

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Treetops Hotel - 3 Stars

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Nestled deep in the forest of Aberdare National Park, this world-renowned rustic Tree house is dedicated to game viewing. Originally built in 1932, Treetops is famous as the place where the then-Princess Elizabeth learned of her father's death and ascended to the British Throne in 1952.


 Treetops Hotel lies in the path of an ancient Elephant migratory route between the Aberdare Mountains and Mt Kenya National Park, and is strategically seated right in front of a watering hole and salt lick.

This lodge-on-stilts is as space-efficient on the inside as it is unassuming on the outside. Trees grow right through the building. There are 48 cosy rooms and two suites, a lounge overlooking the waterhole and two bars.


There isa restaurant where dinner is served on charming old world refectory tables with bench seating.


Children’s Policy
Treetops is located very close to the wild animals. For this reason, children under the age of 5 are not allowed at the lodge, both for their safety and to maintain a quiet environment.