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All of Africa’s lands sustain life. But certain key landscapes are absolutely essential to conservation—thanks to their unmatched concentrations of wildlife and their potential to sustain viable populations for centuries to come.

Far larger than any park or reserve, the wildlife ecosystem combines national parks and local villages, government lands and private lands into a large, cohesive conservation landscape that often spans international borders.

In a wildlife ecosystem, people and wildlife live side by side, and the needs of both are balanced. In a wildlife ecosystem we work with stakeholders to design land conservation strategies, protect species through applied research and conservation efforts and empower people through training and economic development.

The only way to conserve Africa’s wildlife is to manage Africa’s wild lands. Not small pockets of land, not even national-park-sized swaths of it, but vast landscapes that range for hundreds, even thousands, of miles.

To do this, we need to involve, educate and equip local people to practice sustainable land management – and reap economic benefits. We need to lay a foundation of painstaking scientific research to understand the landscape, the wildlife, the people and their complex interactions. We need to build an intricate web of laws, policies and practices that bring stakeholders together – from government departments to villages to safari operators – so that lands are managed intelligently for the benefit of all.