Zanzibar excursions

Zanzibar excursions

Our Favorite Zanzibar Excursions! Make Them Yours

The tours noted below are easily accessible from Stone Town. They're also accessible from beach resorts on the other side of the island.

Spice Plantation Tour

A spice tour is a wonderful opportunity to see spices like cloves, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Nutmeg, turmeric root, actually growing in the plantations. Other tropical fruits such as jack fruit, custard, apple, Rambutan, Carambola can also be seen and tasted. You also have the opportunity to see plants like the Henna bush, Lipstick tree and Lemon grass. Finally you will visit the Kidichi Persian Bath which was built by the first Sultan of Zanzibar named Sultan Said Said bin Sultan in 1850 and Maruhubi Palace Ruins built by the third Sultan of Zanzibar named Sultan Said Baraghash Bin Said in 1880 which were built especially for housing 99 of his harems. Sensible shoes and hats are advisable.


Jozani National Park

Most visitors to Zanzibar haven't come to experience the wildlife ‒ they've come for the history and the beaches. Nevertheless, if you missed the opportunity to spot red colobus monkeys at one of the mainland national parks or game reserves, you can't help but spot them here. There's much more to see in the forest than monkeys, of course. More than a hundred species of butterfly have been identified and more than 200 bird species. And there are lots of trees. The long trail takes about an hour to traverse.


Prison Island

One of Zanzibar's most popular excursions, the island also known as Changuu Island, lies 3.5 miles to the northwest of Zanzibar's Stone Town, a short 20 minutes dhow ride from Stone Town, and like Zanzibar has a fascinating history. The old prison building which were later used as a quarantine station have been meticulously restored by the present owners to create a modern boutique hotel whilst preserving the historical treasures.

On Prison Island the pristine, white shoreline gives way to dense tropical forest a place for rare birds and also home to colony of over 200 giant aldabran tortoises. Prison Island is a great place to unwind and relax. With its fantastic white sandy beach and spectacular natural forest teeming with variety of birds and small animals such peacocks and giant tortoise etc., the island is very famous for its richness in water based natural attractions hence it is among the best sites for diving and snorkeling as well.


Dolphin Tour

Kizimkazi village located on the Southern Coast of Zanzibar Island is considered the most popular dolphin spotting location in Zanzibar where you can see both bottle-nose and humpback dolphins. The shallow coastal waters around Kizimkazi are a favorite hangout for dolphins that come here for the reliable food supply, to nurse their calves, rest and socialize. Several bottle-nose dolphins stay at Kizimkazi all year-round. There are also rather shy occasional humpback dolphins, although their schedule is a little more erratic. A dolphin tour is best taken very early in the morning, as later in the day as the sun rises and the sea water becomes warm, dolphins dive deep down the sea bottom to escape the heat.